Footprints On Venus

I could never imagine me without art. It would be like a camera with no lens and a canvas with no brush.

Anonymous asked: why do you hate flash?

I hate flash because it washes everything out and makes shadows harsh. I’ve come to like it a bit more since I’ve worked with it, but I still like natural light.

Patrick Stump: Hey! Don't You Just Hate That (every)Thing?


How many people reading this are fans of Nickelback? How about Dane Cook? Now, I can safely assume that, unless this blog gets reposted on a site dedicated to those respective artists, those questions would be met with tumbleweeds and the distant sound of crickets. Like Creed or Limp Bizkit or…

You Know You’re a Photographer When…

  1. You’re completely comfortable with saying you shoot people for a living
  2. You carry around more than one camera
  3. You worry about light
  4. You’ve named your camera (Mine’s Abigail)
  5. Photography is a way of sight, not just taking pictures
  6. Sunny days get you excited because of the possibilities for silhouettes
  7. You don’t mind when it’s overcast
  8. You shoot in RAW
  9. On vacations you bring more camera gear than clothes
  10. You spend more time trying to figure out what camera they’re showing in a tv show than you do following the plot
  11. You’ve put yourself in precarious situations more than once in order to get the perfect shot.
  12. You’ve stopped chimping
  13. You notice people’s cameras before you notice people
  14. You can guess what aperture was used in a picture
  15. Places with low light and odd color schemes make you uncomfortable
  16. You’re fearless when there’s a camera in front of your face
  17. You often tell whoever’s driving to stop so you can take a picture
  18. People think it’s weird when you don’t have your camera
  19. Bad quality images make you uncomfortable
  20. You can shoot people without going to jail
  21. You get distracted by the photographer at social events
  22. You have moods where you just want to be alone with your camera
  23. You find yourself up at odd hours looking for something to take pictures of

Photography is always a learning experience. I’ve already come so far on my journey. I look back a month ago and realize that I already know now more than I knew then. Maybe it’s entirely university, maybe it’s my own experimentation. Or a combination of both. Either way, I feel as if I’ve come farther than I ever dreamed I would in such a short period of time. Though I feel confident that I have progressed, I still know that there is a LOT to learn. My next personal project will be to master flash photography when I’m not covering the pop up flash with my hand and taking a self portrait.

It’ll be a challenge. I hate flash.